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Bank regulators are getting serious about CRE concentrations again. The Summer 2022 issue of the FDIC’s Supervisory Insights issues a harsh warning to banks with CRE concentrations about getting...

A Commodity Futures Trading Commission subcommittee in 2020 singled out community banks as being especially vulnerable to climate change physical risks because of their concentrations in commercial real estate....

The Invictus Group has named Avik Ray as director of its new climate risk division. Ray will be responsible for the development of analytics to help community banks navigate expected...

The Invictus Group has created a new climate risk analytical division to help community banks. “Our company, which cemented its reputation in stress testing before it became a bank standard,...

The Invictus Severe Stagflation scenario tests conditions under the simultaneous occurrence of a severe global recession and aggressive monetary policy that includes rapid and substantial increases in the Fed Funds...

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Many small community banks have yet to make their final decision regarding CECL implementation. Although there are many potential solutions to calculating the ACL, small banks seem to gravitate toward...