Forward-Looking Risk Analytics Emerging as Essential Tool for Community Banks

Free On-Demand Webinar: Why Community Banks Need Stress Testing Now More than Ever

Invictus Group CEO Adam Mustafa presented a complimentary webinar at 1 p.m. EST on Wednesday, April 15 explaining Why Community Bank CEOs Need Stress Testing Now More than EverThis one-hour webinar will show you how to plan for the worst, while positioning your bank to take advantage of opportunities when the pandemic crisis is over.

Our proprietary stress tests have been modeled specifically for this pandemic. CCAR or 2008-like scenarios are invalid without making adjustments to reflect the unique characteristics of today’s situation. We can look inside your bank to find problems before they come to the surface. When it comes to stress testing, we are the nation’s leaders. The Wall Street Journal turns to us for guidance. Regulators read our insights. Industry groups ask us to headline their conferences.

This webinar is designed for CEOs and others at the bank who need a proper diagnosis of how their bank will handle an economic downtown, and which segments of the portfolio are most vulnerable. It will allow bank management to fully grasp the bank’s capital situation to determine if contingency plans such as deleveraging, cost cutting, or changes to the dividend policy need to be pursued. We will also show how banks can use COVID-19 stress testing results to augment their qualitative factors for loan loss reserve accounting purposes.

Our unique stress tests inform CEOs in real time whether their decisions will keep problems contained. They are a valuable tool in showing regulators and your board that you can recognize, quantify and address any problems you find.

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